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Oxford! A positively perfect place to expand your mind. Sail off into our astonishing collections, an odd universe of light bulb moments, magic, mystery, monsters, diagrams, dreams and dodos. Yes, dodos.

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A whole season of events awaits you in our Mindgrowing Gardens, Libraries & Museums. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Minds Have Always Wandered

Some of the things you’ll see on your travels go back a staggeringly long way (take our 4.5 billion year old meteorite for example). It’s hard to imagine what was on the minds of our ancestors but the things they’ve made over the centuries show we’ve always been a curious bunch. The universe, the natural world, ourselves, each other, love, magic, dreams, demons. It’s all there. What will the objects we leave behind tell future generations about our minds, a hundred years from now?

Support Our Work

We’re responsible for conserving, cataloguing, understanding and explaining the parade of precious things in our gardens, libraries and museums. If you’d like to help us make sure these important wonders stay protected and exhibited for everyone, please support us or pop a few pounds in the pot on your way through. Your generous support won’t go unnoticed!